Mortgage Information


We provide helpful mortgage information so you can be ready when taking your first steps in buying a new home.

Starting the Process

To get started you will want to look over your credit score, income, and financial history to see what you can afford and the potential monthly payments. A Mortgage Calculator can be a good helpful guide in getting started, but a financial advisor or banker can help you get every detail straight.

Choosing a Lender and your Options

There are multiple options to consider in a lender and a loan. Based on your down payment and finances, you may be interested in a conventional, FHA, or VA loan. Length of loan (15- or 30-year) and interest rate variables will help you narrow down the loan and lender best for you. Now you can start to get a preapproval letter from lenders that shows how much they are willing to lend to you. After you have found a home and made an offer, you can get loan estimates from multiple lenders before deciding on the best one.

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